Wanna come listen to me read things? Course you do

Of the many things which have been royally stuffed up by covid, the ones that I hadn’t actually anticipated were Book Events. Mostly because prior to covid, Book Events had not been a huge part of my life, except for when I went along to the Auckland Writers Festival.

This year was set to mark my not just going along to Book Events, but actually reading things out during them. That, so far… has not happened. It was supposed to, twice, but then everything got messed up. Twice. I think I can safely say that more important things than me reading my weird little stories out were ruined.

HOWEVER! With the very greatest of luck, and whatever deity you choose willing, I am going to be reading my weird little stories to not one, but two lucky* audiences.

The first is this 2pm Sunday 15 November at The Open Book in Ponsonby, to celebrate last month’s launch of Ko Aotearoa Tatou. There are half a dozen other writers reading there as well, so it’s probably worth going along. And wine will be available, if that’s your thing.

AND THEN, on Wednesday 18 November my MCW class is finally having our reading where we show off what we worked on during our year of writing. Yes, I know that I handed in five-and-a-half months ago and the 2021 class is halfway through. Time is an illusion.

Though if you want to come along to this reading then time does exist, and it’s at 6pm on Wednesday at the Auckland Central Library event space. There will be wine. If I’m learning anything about Book Events, it’s that they always involve wine. I may have to smuggle in my own beer.

*Well, I guess they’re lucky in that they’re not being eaten by a shark. Everything else is debatable.

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash