I’ve had short stories and flash fiction published around the traps. While some of these are up on this website, many are not, and you should check them out at these sites:

My piece Work and Income Gothic (published by Flash Frontier) made the short list in the Best Short Story category of the 2020 Sir Julius Vogel Awards.

Flash Frontier has published a number of my stories, and I was stoked to receive their 2020 Winter Writing Award:

    A light in the darkness
    They probably play the viola
    Reasons why I called in sick rather than go to the mihi whakatau for new employees last friday
    Promise to meet me at the seventh stream where the waters run away to the sea

Other publications:


    The Practical Downsides of Accidental Necromancy
    Author Interview

Love in the Time of Covid Chronicle:

    This Machine Kills Fascists

Reflex Fiction:

    No sacrifice to the elder gods is ever wasted

The Three Lamps:

    Auckland Shorts I
    Auckland Shorts II

When I’m not writing very short fiction I am usually having Reckons about sport. I’ve had some of those published on The Spinoff, Radio Sport, and Sportsfreak.

Here’s a bit about my experience of the 2018 Bingham Cup.

And here are a couple of things which I was driven to by various cricket dramas – James Faulkner and Ball Tampering.