About Me

My name is Jack Remiel and I don’t know what to put on this page.

Let’s start at the beginning – I was born in Wellington, New Zealand, and started writing stories and poems as a child.

In 2011 I completed a BA in Psychology and Writing at the University of Otago, then I shuffled back north to Massey University, where I completed a Graduate Diploma in Journalism.

My career path has been all about doing what I enjoy and am reasonably good at, and resisting being in charge of anyone but myself. So I ended up writing a bit, doing comms a bit, and fighting with Facebook ads manager a lot.

Fiction has kept me generally sane through this entire period, other than the times it drove me mental.

In 2019 I was accepted into the Masters of Creative Writing programme at Auckland University, where I write the manuscript of what would become my first collection of flash fiction. That manuscript won the Wallace Foundation Prize, which was pretty awesome.

In 2021 I published that collection as Ten Acceptable Acts of Arson and other very short stories with the fabulous people at Canterbury University Press. You can buy a copy here.

Other than fiction my main passion is sport. I have been a rugby referee for ten years and my latest project is a novel set during a cricket game.

I like to listen to audiobooks, read comics, and generally tutu about on the internet. You can find my Twitter and Instagram under their respective icons, and my ratio is top notch.