A pretty good month

To say that I am bad at promoting my work is a massive understatement. I always feel incredibly awkward whenever I try to talk about what I write, and where it’s been published.

Of course, I am still a writer and thus crave attention and feedback and validation all the time. You can see what a pickle I’m in. So, brace for self-deprecation. Also a barrage of links.

ANYWAY, October has been a great month for me, publications-wise. It started off with Flash Frontier continuing to put my work on their website – They Probably Play The Viola is up there for a couple more days before the Pavlova issue comes out.

Just to confirm my status as an Officially International Writer, NUNUM magazine in Canada published one of my weirder stories I know, they’re all weird The Incidental Downsides of Accidental Necromancy. And then they did an interview with me! Which was nice and I tried to sound reasonably intelligent. I think they probably expected me to namecheck a novelist or short story writer rather than a guy who writes about cricket, but there you go.*

Then I got a piece published by Love in the Time of Covid Chronicle, This Machine Kills Fascists. LitToCC is edited by Michelle Elvy (!) and Witi Ihimaera (!!) and there are other people on that page who not only have multiple collections published but also like, judge competitions and things.

(Here I am compelled to say that these people are great and somehow I have words near theirs, even though I’m an idiot. Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels like this.)

And on the 30th, Ko Aotearoa Tātou is coming out, and I already have a copy, and my writing really is in a thing that people can put on a bookshelf. That, freindos, is exciting.

So, October, great month. Easily in the top 20% of great months graded on a normal year curve. Absolutely outstanding in context of this hellscape of a year.

*Yes, I know the site has a lot of ads. They also paid me for my work. That’s why they have ads.

Image Credit:
Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash