In 2018 my novella Latter Day Saints came runner-up in the Bath Flash Fiction novella-in-flash competition, and was published by Ad Hoc Fiction. People said some very nice things about it:

Drawing us into quest that already seems to be underway when we join it, we’re
led into shops, jam-packed homes, a church, a bar and a taxi to meet a motley assortment of saints. Far from being otherworldly and ethereal, these are people pulsing with blood, vim, and often, it seems, crushing disappointment. – Skylightrain

If you want to buy a copy (that is, if you’re one of my aunties) you can do that at Ad Hoc Fiction.



Continuing my local gothic series, New Zealand Gothic is featured in the collection Ko Aotearoa Tātaou | We Are New Zealand published by Otago University Press.







That story, along with They probably play the viola were also selected for publication in Year’s Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction & Fantasy: Volume 3 by Paper Road Press in November 2021, a collection you should buy for the cover alone because it is gorgeous.