A shiny profile in Flash Frontier

Okay, it was published about two weeks ago and I meant to do an excited blog update. But then I went and got myself a couple of people who will actually pay me to futz around with their websites, and then I had to move house in a hurry (I live at the lake house now, this is not really a bad thing), and this excitement got pushed off my radar somewhat.


FLASH FRONTIER PROFILED ME! WHICH IS AWESOME! I emailed back and forth with Vaughan Rapatahana to talk about strange times, my strange life, and I wrote a little story about salt. I was somewhat surprised I didn’t have a salt story already, given my weird obsession with large bodies of water. But no. It took until late 2021 for me to start putting the gay back into the little mermaid.

And I’m going to pre-blog about something for once so when I forget to do it in future I will feel better. December’s Takahē Magazine features one of my stories! And that story is more than 1500 words long! My first non-flash story since about 2018. You definitely want to get in on that.

I’ll see you in a month, I guess.