Anthological happenings

A few months ago I got some excellent news which I then forgot about, because of everything else that was happening in the world.

And that excellent news is that I am being included in the *deep breath* Year’s Best Aotearoa New Zealand Science Fiction & Fantasy: Volume 3 anthology from the excellent people at Paper Road Press. I haven’t included the cover as a feature image here, because honestly, it needs to be seen in all its glory since it looks INCREDIBLE:

You should buy it for that cover alone TBH. You’ll get a couple of my stories in there, and a whole slew of other fantastic work from NZ SFF authors, and you’ll be doing Paper Road Press a solid too, since it’s not been an easy time for local publishers.

Also, please allow me to gesture in the vague direction of the rest of this website, which has now had more than just a superficial makeover and has whole extra pages, and graphics, and more neon than you can shake a stick at. Because glitter doesn’t really work on the internet.