Life in the time of Covid-19

This is a covid lockdown blog now, like all the others. Sorry.

I’ve actually been in self-isolation since last Wednesday. My immune system is poked, and I’ve a history of asthma. Basically I’m that person who hears “You’ll be fine unless you’re old or have health conditions” and thinks Yup, so I’m going to die, great.

I ended up isolating at the family bach. Which is where I will be spending the next four weeks. I’ll be able to go outside more safely here, I’ve taken over the entire house with my masters and my junk, and given I flat with like, six other people that was never going to be a good situation.

It’s basically a boarding house. I only know one of my flatmates’s names, and that’s because he’s the one other guy there. And I didn’t learn it by talking to him, I learned it off the cleaning roster.

I’m… Kind of prepared? I got a haircut last week. Much shorter than usual. I’ve ordered a bunch of groceries which I will collect tomorrow. The site kept insisting I ‘shop normally’ but I normally go to the supermarket every other day, so I had to stockpile a bit.

I only really panic bought the six bags of Snifters Lumps, and that was out of panic that Pascals will stop making them before I can get more.

I’ve chopped firewood. I’ve discovered where I can get stuff couriered to. I’ve read a truly dire CricketxLockdown mashup poem (sorry Punny, but I am committed to the truth, so long as the truth is funny). I’ve even got my Sodastream here. I am ready. My only fear is that I’ll run out of beer and be forced, FORCED, to drink gin and soda.

Those people who know me will probably assume I am lying about my current levels of calm. Normally, I can and will get anxious over anything. I say “No worries” a lot for someone who is worried 102% of the time. But, for once I’m not feeling that anxious. Uncertainty upsets me. Not being able to read other people’s minds is the cause for 83% of that worry.

Now I know I am staying here for a month. I will be by myself and won’t have a lot of people to worry about. Boom. Done. And, bonus, I should be safe from covid-related death.

In a week’s time when I’m writing ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ over and over feel free to tell me I should have seen this coming.

Image by:
unsplash-logoGautam Krishnan