The book is in stores! People are not!

If you’re in Aotearoa, you know we’re back in lockdown – Level 4, this time it’s Delta.

Terrible timing, as usual, because this week is also the week my book hits stores. The people who were smart and preordered probably have it by now. The book that is.

I had a radio interview a couple of weeks ago, which I have repressed due to its high HIGH level of cringe. No, I’m not linking it here.

What I will link is a review on RNZ this morning, wherein Luke Finnegan struggled to describe a book with that many different stories in it, to an audience who don’t know much about flash fiction.

He did like the book a lot though, and I liked his description of reading flash fiction being dreamlike – you’re plonked into a situation which has no context, but it’s not necessary, everything makes sense anyway.

Also, people seem to really like the title, so cheers to CUP and Emma Neale for telling me to change it, and then confirming that my second choice was a good’un.

I’ll see you all on the other side of this, I hope.