All The News That I Forget To Print

I’ve had “write blog post” on my to-do list for about six weeks, to the point where doing it became so daunting that the very thought brings me out in a sweat.

Seriously, there is so much book stuff and writer stuff going on that I don’t know how real writers cope with it all. By not signing up to do so much other stuff, I suspect.

Without further ado, the news.

Ten Acceptable Acts of Arson has been edited to within an inch of its life, is all designed up, the cover (art by the fantastic Henry Turner) looks great, and IT’S COMING OUT NEXT MONTH!!! I’ve even held a proof in my hands and I had to laugh because there’s a book that I wrote and it exists and who’d have ever thought that would happen?

Should you wish to pre-order it so that you too may bask in the complete unlikeliness of its existence, click here and nationwide will sort that for you.

Also, coming up this month I am going to be part of the Words Will Work Writers Festival on 24 July. I’ll be talking about flash fiction, along with Anita Arlov and Lee Murray, who are both far more awesome than me, so you should buy tickets to see them, and incidentally see me.

Then, coming up over the next few months is Going West Fest which I have been dragooned into assisting with, and also will be part of in a couple of excellent and interesting ways. Stay tuned for more info, which I pinky promise I will write about here.

And finally, some OLD news.

I went down to Christchurch last month and had a nerve-wracking day teaching some tweens and teens about flash fiction. I had hoped for more discussion, questions, interactions… But nope. They did do a lot of writing though, so I’m counting that as a win.