The book has a name!

I’ve been going through the editing process with the excellent Emma Neale. It’s been a much easier (and speedier) process than I had expected, though going through the whole manuscript in Word again gave me flashbacks to June last year when I was spending hours compiling the thing. I would have done a lot better with proper software, but given everyone has Word, it seems that’s what we’re going with.

I said last time that the name of the book would likely change, and indeed it has! It is now called Ten Acceptable Acts of Arson, and other very short stories.

At this point, the book is on the way to people who do design and layout and other clever things. CUP has shown me what they’re thinking of for the cover, and those things are cooler than anything I can think of (graphic design is not my passion) – so I’ll leave it to them.

I think the next update will be me getting my grubby little hands on the proofs, and then hyperventilating and smelling them and squealing so loud everyone in the North Island will be able to hear me.

So, you know, keep your ears peeled for that.

Photo by Fred Kearney on Unsplash