Because if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing last minute at a frenzied pace

So, tomorrow is the official kickoff of the Auckland Writer’s Festival and I can’t even properly fizz at the thought of actually being in the same room as my literary idol Neil Gaiman, because I am instead stuck being extremely anxious about the fact I’m PART OF AN EVENT. Here is the link to said event.

From about 7:15pm on Friday I am going to be at Strange Goods, 281 Karangahape Road reading a very brief piece (I hesitate to call it a story because it’s not quite a story) about a very bad photo I took of a place on Karangahape Road itself.

You should come along and see if I lose my mind, stammer or forget things, or whether this piece that I’m still working on despite the event being about 48 hours away turns out to be terrible. I may have forgotten how to use a full stop, to be honest.

Not to mention…


(I worry about all the important things.)

This has been your last-minute announcement.